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I love you not by what you want, but by what I give.


Lovelorn once, as if suddenly understand the meaning of all love songs.


May your life be always warm, and the days will always be gentle and shining.


What should be disappointed has never failed you, has it.


I can cry, I can laugh, I can persist, but I can't get rid of my weakness.


Want your picture to outline your face, but always feel so far away.


Looking back on those absurd past events, it is the story of my youth.


Don't show up, don't disturb, this is the last way I love you.


Now this way, any thinking and trivial things are all anxiety and helplessness.


The people who are most afraid of taking out their hearts and lungs every time have become passers-by.


I love you so much, but I can't tell you. See you love each other, I have only helpless.


Hard work is to live a better life, not to live more tired.


Low key person, like drinking tea all his life, the water is boiling, the heart is quiet.


The answer is very long. I'm going to spend my whole life answering. Are you ready to listen?


Change a season, we lost the memorial; change a smile, we touch the summer.


After the new rain in the empty mountains, the weather is late in autumn. The pastoral life I yearn for is very good, very good!


Sometimes, you have to pretend to be happy just to keep people from asking you what's wrong with you.


You are just taking off the coat of wanton sex, have a infatuated addiction.


For each unfavorable condition, there will be corresponding favorable conditions.


The network is just a line, deleted will be broken.


Do not love me, is I dare not admit. Ambiguity is the only thing he will give.


The deepest memory has always been your shadow.


Expectation itself is a very powerless thing.


If you want to have it, you must learn to lose it first, so as not to be scarred every time.


Before we passed together, I swear I will cherish it.


Leaving with great fanfare is a trial, and the real one is silent without saying goodbye.


In the world of love, no one is sorry for whom, only who does not know how to cherish who.


The good and the bad are memories, and those who love but don't love are the past.


As long as one has tasted the sweetness, he can't bear the bitterness any more.


There is no constant commitment, only endless lies.


Once a promise, but now it is worth mentioning.


Serious people, the most pitiful, moving people, the most pathetic.


I don't know much about music, so sometimes I don't make music, sometimes I don't tune.


It's one thing to have a good temper, another to be indifferent.


To be your good friend is my only thought now. I don't want to think more and fantasize.


I'm afraid to hear you say that I'm tired. It seems that our relationship is a burden.


It's nice to be invisible to me, Mai? Thank you for your love. I can't stand it.


The sky has rained, can take an umbrella, how should the heart rain do?


God gives people a difficult time, but also gives a wisdom.


Trees in, mountains in, earth in, years in, I in, how do you want a better world?


When the season secretly exchange, any street twists and turns to overlap again, also can not turn back to yesterday.


Spring flowers bloom, firewood cutting, laundry, horse feeding, yearning for pastoral life, pretending to experience once.


I think it would be the best way for me to disappear for a while.


For time, the loser climbs with the hour and the winner runs with the second.


If one day we are not together, we should be like together.

If you love, life is lovely everywhere.


In the face of facts, the more developed our imagination, the more disastrous the consequences will be.



There is no despair in life, only unreasonable thinking, life has no end, only can not see through.


A generous person forgives everyone and everything before going to bed every night.


It's not that love has deteriorated, but that love and being loved are in the e aimless.


Life is full of disappointment. Youth is the cruelest pare. If you can't get, don't.


There are only teone's as to shoorropleted step by step. No matter ho the past.


Life is not easy, it's all about acting. play the role as yourself, play yourself into amnesia.


It takes a lifetime to succeed in a business.


Love can forget time, time can also forget love.


Time falls into the hands of a lazy man, aletimes cannot be presented and broken through by themselves. pany happiness.

Saving time is better than storing gold and silver.

I can only plain about the hand of time and e. She stood for te people are like pop songs, you just talk about them for a short time.


Everyone will stick to their beliefs. It's a waste of time for others, but she thinks it's important.


The best way to express love is to give time, because time is life.


plain about the beauty of time, you might as well change your point of view to appreciate its splendor.

pay attention to migratory birds and protect the environment.


It is everyone's duty to live in harmony and protect animals under the same blue sky.


protect animals, protect our friends.




protecting animals means protecting ourselves.


Dogs are the only creatures that love you more than you love yourself.

please be good friends with animals.


It is glorious to love animals and shameful to abuse them.

Wildlife is a friend of mankind.


Human life is beautiful, and animal life is also beautiful.


Life no teenager, sent of temptation.


e difficulties, get out of the dilemma, and success orro rich by knowledge.


Chester qualities of gas, not improperly belittle oneself.

Things are often against people, things are always human.

Run forward, against the cold and ridicule.


preserve the child's nature and arm it fairness should be called cunning, not e plishment, the better one's intellectual development, and the deeper one's perception and understanding of beauty.




A kno justice should be called cunning, not ter to talk to a knowledgeable person than to read for ten years.


practice is the source of knowledge and knowledge is the light of life.

History is the knowledge of human past.


The earth is moving, and a person teeth tortured me, unable to chee great ideal.


Exercise can replace health care products, but all medicines and health care products can not replace exercise.


As long as sports exist forever, time is unrestrained, the appetite is wasted, and the sport is stingy, which is the source of the disease.


Exercise is the source of health and the secret of longevity.


Life lies in contradiction and movement. Once contradiction is eliminated and movement stops, life ends.


The essence of travel is not movement, but driving your soul to find the spring of life.


I really think sports are great. Everyone should stick to it!


The universe, the aggregate of all existence, offers us only matter and motion everywhere.


Exercise regularly and insist that people, like machines, exercise regularly in order not to rust.


Sports can help people withstand the pressure on physical and mental strength.


The essence of life is movement, and tranquility is death.


Dialectics is a science about the law of the outer world and the movement of human thinking.


If you want to be healthy, practice every day, health is the partner of longevity, and exercise is the source of health.


The best thing about sports is that it's only done, not spoken.


The law of motion is the law of cause and effect.

Harvest depends on labor, fitness depends on exercise.

Sport is the source of all life.



Happy in kno, pain is the happiness.



Demands others are painful, they are very happy.


Happy life time is short, the pain of life is a long time.


The greatest happiness in life, is your own labor got results.


No not happy, only not happy heart.


Have not have who will remember, quick not happy one day always in the past.


Take care of every child, their growth is my biggest happiness!


Life is endless enjoyment, permanent happiness and strong intoxication.


Only create is happy. Only by creating the creatures are creatures.


Diligent work, happy life, a dignified life.


To be a step back, love one inch wide, natural live very happy life.


Stupid people take the initiative to create pain, wise men take the initiative to create happiness.


Extinguish desire can eliminate the pain, can also eliminate the happy desire.


Cultivating people, is training he received in the future, happy future path.


Childhood was happy, just because dont know in the past, do not know the future.


Help others to solve the difficulties and the pain is lifes greatest happiness and joy.


Action may not bring happiness, but no action is definitely not happy.


More happy, less trouble. Tired to sleep, e not from physical, but from the heart.



The real happiness, is optimistic about life, happy to work, enthusiasm for the cause.


Love exists in dedication of desire, and the lovers happiness as his own happiness.


Happy tears in her lurks a deep in my heart, to make throurn your goodwill and your happiness will be reflected in others.


persons happiness, and not others bring you happiness, but you brought joy to others.


e reason, but you can also find an excuse to make yourself happy.


A lot of joy and memory is not reproduced. Cherish the present have is too important.

〖One〗、A heart that loves is aleone is to be seated by his/her side and knoe an is es to a man in this edies, and hoeone is to be sitting right beside them knoeone ething eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.

70、look into my eyes- you eone doesnt love you as you eone doesnt love you the eone, youre the world.


Study hard and placency is the enemy of learning.


If books, but also from life.


To be the master of learning, not the slave of teachers.


As long as you don't knoplicated personnel.


Youth is a period of learning experience and the sage is infinite, take advantage of the short youth, to learn infinite wisdom.


I have studied all my life, and now I am still learning, and in the future, as long as I have energy, I will continue to learn.



Flat road is the cause of bumpy journey, excellent results are the witness of hard work.


In any industry, the first step to success is to be interested in it, especially in children's learning.


There is a dilemma called ignorance: learning is the most important thing in life.


If the land is not cultivated, no matter how fertile it is, there will be no fruit; if people do not study, they will not be able to see intelligently.



Flourishing seedlings need water; growing young people need to learn.


I live to learn, but learning is not to live.


We should constantly consult the successful people and learn how to succeed.


It's not that I can't, it's just that I didn't learn. Inpiduals are strong by learning.


There is time to learn. The problem is that we are good at not squeezing and willing to drill.


Only in real life can we learn, only in real life can we teach, only in real life can we produce social thoughts.


Rehabilitation through labour nurtures the body and learning nurtures the mind.




1.I'm looking forward to a prompt reply盼迅速答复。

2.It is an excellent novel in every way无论从哪方面来看,这都是一本优秀的小说。

3.It is clear that the cat has eaten it!很明显,是猫偷吃的!

4.Nothing but death can part the couple除了死之外,什么也拆不散这一对。

5.Now she looks pale as if she were ill现在她脸色难看,好像病了一样。

6.She was injured badly in the accident她在这次意外中受到重伤。

7.The secret was spread among the crowd秘密在人群当中传播开来。

8.The two brothers look very much alike这兄弟俩看上去很相像。

9.Their interest is listening to others他们的兴趣是听别人说话。

10.There was a notice in the supermarket超市里有一个布告。

11.This one cannot compare with that one这个与那个无法比较。

12.To know everything is to know nothing样样通,样样松。

13.To tell the truth, I don't like disco说实话,我不喜欢迪斯科。

14.True and False have opposite meanings真与假含义完全相反。

15.What's the point of going to college?上大学有何用?

16.Where can we make the insurance claim?我们可以在哪里提出保险赔偿?这个无法与那个比较。

17.Why don't I pick you up at your house?为什么不让我去接你呢?

18.Why don't you attend an aerobic class?你为什么不去参加一个有氧健身班呢

19.You can kill two birds with one stone一举两得。

20.You can't go in no matter who you are不管你是谁,都不能进去。

21.You should learn these words by heart你应该把这些词背熟。

22.Could I have those two tickets, please?这两张票给我行不行?

23.He has to take care of his sick mother他得照顾他生病的母亲。

24.He hired a workman to repair the fence他雇用了一个工人修理围墙。

25.I can't make this machine run properly我无法使这部机器正常运转。

26.I don't know if I'll have the patience我不知道我有没有耐心。

27.I don't like what you are saying我不喜欢你说的话。

28.I fell in love with her at first sight我第一眼见到她就爱上了她。

29.I have just heard from my sister, Mary我刚收到我妹妹玛丽的一封信。

30.If you would only try, you could do it只要你肯尝试,你一定能做这件事。

31.It is no use learning without thinking学而不思则惘。

32.It was a lazy, breezy autumn afternoon这是一个懒散的,起风的秋日下午。

33.Jack is the strongest boy in the class杰克是全班最强壮的男孩。

34.Please fetch a chair from another room请到别的房间取一把椅子。

35.The doctor began to operate on the boy医生开始给那个男孩动手术。

36.The doctor is taking my blood pressure医生正给我量血压。

37.The machines will not operate properly那些机器不能正常运转。

38.The students declared against cheating学生们表示反对作弊。

39.There is hope so long as he is with us只要他在就有希望。

40.He talks as if he were the head of the office他说话的口气像办公室主任似的。

41.His cake is three times bigger than mine他的蛋糕比我的大三倍。

42.I am looking forward to your early reply希望早日得到你的答复。

43.I could say nothing but that I was sorry我除了说“对不起”之外,什么也说不出来。

44.I don't know how to express my gratitude我不知道怎样来表达我的感激之情。我要赶飞机

45.I have to catch a plane Could you hurry?你能快点吗?我好久没有她的消息了。

46.I haven't heard from her for a long time我好久没有她的消息了。

47.I would like to wash the clothes for you我愿意帮你洗这些衣服。

48.Let me see your driver's license, please请让我看看你的驾驶执照。

49.She goes to work every day except Sunday除星期天外,他每天去上班。

50.Take a seat please, make yourself at home请坐,随便一点。


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